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Terms & Conditions


References: “You”, “Your”, and “Yours” refers to you our client and your entire group. “I”, “We””, “Us”, “KST”, “Alan W MacKay” refers to Koru Scenic Tours and its owners.


  1. A deposit of 30% of the total tour price is required upon booking a tour.
  2. The balance of the tour price is payable at least 30 days prior to your departure, or at least 60 days prior, where advanced bookings need to be made on our part
  3. If the balance is not paid by such date Koru Scenic tours reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled.
  4. If a booking is made less than 30 days prior to the departure date, or within 60 days in the advanced booking scenario, then full payment is due upon booking.
  5. All prices are calculated in New Zealand dollars
  6. Quoted price does not include the booking fee via our booking service provider. This is displayed in our final price on the payment gateway page
  7. The safest, easiest, and preferred method of payment is via our secure online payment gateway. Other options may be available to NZ citizens and residents upon request.

Conditions of Travel:

  1. We reserve the right to alter our pricing, routing, and third party suppliers at anytime
  2. We reserve the right to use other transport operators where we are unable to transport you ourselves for whatever reason
  3. We require a minimum of two guests for a tour to operate, up to a maximum of six. We may carry more by prior arrangement but you acknowledge that this may affect some activities and accommodations that we are able to provide


  1. Checked Luggage:
    1. Up to two pieces with a combined weight of no more than 25kg per person
    2. Must be clearly labelled
    3. Collapsible mobility devices including strollers that we can fit in our luggage area can constitute on of your pieces. Non collapsible items of this nature will be treated as oversized and may be subject to extra fees
    4. Additional or oversize items may be refused carriage if we cannot safely fit them in our luggage compartment
  2. Carry on luggage:
    1. Handbags, umbrellas, walking aids, may be carried in the passenger compartment
    2. You are solely responsible for any of these items and we accept no responsibility for them
  3. Dangerous, illegal, or unaccompanied items are prohibited.


  1. You acknowledge that participating in a tour with Koru Scenic Tours (KST), including third party activities, carries a small risk of personal injury, or loss of belongings.
  2. You, to the extent permissible by law, will indemnify and hold KST, Alan W MacKay and any assignees blameless in the event of any accident, injury, and damage to, or loss of equipment caused by other parties or due to your own negligence, or through any inadvertent admission or oversight on the part of KST and Alan W MacKay and other assignees as designated from time to time
  3. You acknowledge that some trips require a short to moderate walk to get to the best scenic locations/views from wherever we may have parked. You assume responsibility for yourself and your group’s ability to participate in those walks. You also confirm that you will be appropriately attired for your trip (including sturdy footwear)
  4. You further acknowledge that weather and other environmental factors may play a part in your chosen tour and that KST and Alan W MacKay will employ best endeavours to work around any weather problems. If this is not possible you agree that KST may at their sole discretion, substitute, modify, delay, or cancel our trip.
  5. You will advise KST and Alan W MacKay of any medical conditions / personal or religious beliefs and desires that may impact on your trip. This includes, but is not limited to, heart conditions, allergies, and any special dietary requirements (such as diabetes, gluten free, vegan, halal, etc), and so on.
  6. If participating in a full day tour or longer, you acknowledge that you may be offered a glass of wine or beer with your lunch and that this will consist of ONE only standard glass of either, and that additional alcohol may be offered with evening meals on overnight or longer tours. You further acknowledge that KST and Alan W MacKay, and any assignees, may refuse or suspend this offer if in their sole discretion they believe you are intoxicated. If any person in the group is under 18 years of age, they will not be served any alcohol unless expressly permitted and directly requested by an accompanying sober adult who is either their parent, or legal guardian, and in accordance with the venue’s policy on supplying alcohol to underage persons. If there is any doubt as to the veracity of the parent/guardian claim the supply of alcohol will be withheld without further recourse
  7. You will have appropriate insurances to cover any eventuality, such as, but not limited to; travel insurance, trauma, or medical cover, and cover for your personal equipment in the event of loss or damage and agree to indemnify and hold blameless KST and Alan W MacKay, staff and assignees
  8. Where any injury, illness, loss of or damage to equipment is caused by third party vendors plant and equipment, then you will further indemnify and hold blameless KST, and Alan W MacKay being as the injury, illness, loss or damage was not caused by any act or omission on the part of KST, Alan W MacKay, staff or assignees
  9. You acknowledge that this activity may not be entirely appropriate for smaller children and infants, nor for those using strollers, and recognise that whilst KST will do everything they can to look after that child or infant, the sole responsibility for their safety and wellbeing is yours alone. KST does have limited access to booster seats, and possibly a full car seat for smaller children, but if travelling with an infant you acknowledge that you will provide an approved baby capsule that can be secured safely in one of the vehicle seats
  10. All persons including children must have their own seats in Koru Scenic Tours vehicles, and all persons must be restrained using an appropriate and approved method while the vehicle is moving. You agree that if for any reason any of your party is unable to utilise the restraints provided, you will provide a medical waiver to this effect while holding KST and Alan W MacKay, staff and assignees blameless in the event of an injury or death causing traffic crash
  11. You agree that if any member of your party is, or becomes, intoxicated, drugged, or aggressive either prior to the tour start, or during the tour, KST, and Alan W MacKay, may at their sole discretion refuse to allow that person, and potentially the entire party to participate in the tour, or pull the tour up short and refuse to continue the tour. In the scenario of an assault, threat to assault, verbal abuse, damage to any plant or equipment, the police may also be called, and charges laid. You also further acknowledge that you will forfeit all fees paid and shall be liable for any cleaning, and/or repairs costs as needed.
  12. You acknowledge that as Koru Scenic Tours is a New Zealand based company any legal issues or challenges relating to our services, or otherwise, may only be brought before a New Zealand court.


All cancellations are subject to item 4, below.

  1. If cancelled by you, our guest:
    1. Half and Full Day Tours:
      1. Cancelled at least 7 days prior to departure: Full refund less $100 admin fee
      2. Cancelled between 7 and 2 days prior to departure: Loss of deposit
      3. Cancelled within 2 days of travel or no-show: No refund/Full payment required
    2. Overnight Tours:
      1. Cancelled at least 14 days prior to departure: Full refund less $200 admin fee
      2. Cancelled between 14 and 7 days prior to departure: Loss of deposit
      3. Cancelled within 7 days of travel or no-show: No refund/Full Payment required
    3. Three Day Tours:
      1. Cancelled at least 21 days prior to departure: Full refund less $300 admin fee
      2. Cancelled between 21 and 14 days prior to departure: Loss of deposit
      3. Cancelled within 14 days of travel or no-show: No refund/Full Payment required
    4. Multi-day Tours:
      1. Cancelled at least 30 days prior to departure: Full refund less $600 admin fee
      2. Cancelled between 30 and 14 days prior to departure: Loss of deposit
      3. Cancelled within 14 days of travel or no-show: No refund/Full Payment required
  2. If cancelled by us:
    1. If your tour is cancelled by us due to weather or operational issues, we reserve the right to offer you a substitute tour in the first instance, otherwise we will offer a full refund.
    2. Where the tour is cancelled after departure by us we reserve the right to only refund the unused portion of your tour unless we have cancelled due to unacceptable/illegal behaviour on your part
  3. All cancellations must be in writing. If you cancel your tour any refund due, from us to you will be subject to these cancellation terms & conditions
  4. Please note: that in all cases we may have pre-paid our providers in part or in full for their services in relation to your booking with us at the time that you cancel. In this instance we will endeavour to get a refund from our providers either in full or in part. If we are unable, or only partly able, to get a refund the difference will be offset against any refund due to you from us


You acknowledge that your completed booking, payment, and participation in one of our tours may be relied upon by us as your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions are subject to New Zealand Law. Where any of our items above contravenes any legal requirement in New Zealand, then only that item is void and the rest of our terms and conditions still apply.